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Dual boot guide

Boot Camp is one of the main elements that is expected to be released properly at WWDC later today and even though I’ve currently given up on Boot Camp in preference for Parallels, there are those who will prefer the Boot Camp approach for the performance improvements it provides - particularly if you want to play any games on your Intel Mac under Windows.

If you are using Boot Camp then you might want some hints and tips on how to make the best of the Boot Camp environment, installation tips and other bits. Dual Boot Guru provides just such information, incuding some guides on Slip Streaming (making a Windows XP CD that includes the Apple drivers), game compatbility and other information.

The site is still in its early stages, and the real value will be in the forums, but it’s worth a look. There’s also a quick interview with the site owner, Greg Wallingford, about the Dual Boot Guru website.

Mail.app and widescreen displays

OK, I’ve had my gripes about Mail.app before (see Mail Signatures Suck, but I’ve never mentioned the layout of the Mail.app window. Now there’s a solution that highlights a fault in the original and almost entirely related to the current trend towards widescreen monitors.

Why? Well, the current structure of the Mail.app window assumes that you want a list of folders on the left, and a split between the list of messages in a folder, and the message itself on the right.

This is fine on a standard 4:3 monitor. But on your typical widescreen, as used in the iMac or Powerbook/MacBook and variations thereof, you end up with the potential to waste a lot of space.

If you use the full-screen for your Mail.app window (like me), you’ll end up either with a very wide folder list, or a wide message list, which often means lots of white space, either to pad out your mail folders, or to pad out the columns in your message list. And even with a hi-res 20″ widescreen display, the amount of space you can devote to the actual mail message is quite small.

Now there’s a plug-in for Mail.app that splits your screen into three vertical columns, one for folders, one for the mail list, and one for the message. You can download the plug-in from here (with instructions), and thanks to The Unofficial Apple Weblog for the heads up.

Here’s the traditional layout:

Mail.app three panels

And the same folder and message in the three panels layout:

Mail.app three panels

The overall result is that you can see more messages in a folder without having to scroll, and you an usually see all of the mail message too - or at least more of it at the same time.

Well worth trying out if you are a widescreen Mac user.

iMac Core Duo has arrived

My iMac Core Duo has arrived, as the replacement for the original transition kit unit. It came as a complete surprise - I should have had an order confirmation and notification of shipping, but this unit just appeared out of the blue at 8:30am. I’m not complaining! First impressions: Fast - even with the standard 512MB [...]