About MCB Guru Projects

MCslp is responsible for a number of websites and projects both directly and indirectly. Listed below are the names, URLs and short descriptions for all of the MCslp Projects currently available.


MCB.Guru provides a direct history and follow up information for the professional writing of MC Brown. Here you will find information about the publication of recent articles and books, back up information (such as downloadable components), announcements and information about our other sites and projects and any professional details, such as exhibition or conference attendances.

Planet MCslp

Planet MCslp is an aggregation, or combination, of all the posts from all of the MCslp sites, and from blogs and sites that MCslp generate content for but which are not under direct control. For example, my blog at Computerworld . It serves no other purpose and generates no new content. If you would like to be kept aware of everything that MCslp are involved in without having to separately monitor or subscribe to all of the sites, then use Planet MCslp.

All the MCB Guru blogs that are fit to print