Changing jobs, but not environment

Today marks the last day of my current job, because officially tomorrow, or more practically, Monday, I start a new job.

My current job is freelance writer and consultant, a job I've happily held for over 6 years. I work, almost, entirely from home, except for those times when I visit a client, and that freedom means that I sometimes start work as early as 3am, and have free reign over the jobs I do, when I work, what I write about and what hardware and technology I use for my own needs and that which I suggest, recommend and support to clients.

My new job will be Technical Writer for MySQL, and although my job and main focus of work will change, other aspects of my work will not. I still, for example, get to work from home. I'll be sitting at the same desk, initially using the same computers and still, on the whole, writing documentation. Most of my fellow workers around the world - for MySQL is very much a global company - will be doing the same. At our recent conference in Sorrento we had people from as distant as Australia, Seattle and Canada and as a near as Russia, Bulgaria, UK and of course Sweden, the home of MySQL.