Twitter Updates for 2009-05-27

  • Completed the final part of my OU course registration. Roll on October! #
  • OK, back to work, trying to get all the machines humming along before I go #
  • Parallels has started to suck for doing OpenSolaris #
  • Time for another #EASActive session; I think I’ll try some upper-body work today #
  • Damn. I seem to have worn out my Orange Box disc 🙁 #
  • OK, Orange Box replacement ordered. I wonder if there’s anything else I should get for the XBOX360 while I’m at it? #
  • Will somebody please buy me one of these? I’d be eternally grateful #
  • @Gemmaboyle Try listening to something happier!! #
  • @Gemmaboyle Bummer 🙁 #

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