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Aspyr Universal Binaries

One of the aspects of the migration to Intel hardware for Apple is going to be the support for existing applications that we all know and love. Some applications are only going to be updated when an upgrade takes place. Others are only going to come when real Intel based Macs are in peoples hands.

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

Back in April I reviewed/reported on the Logitech Cordless Comfort Duo Black keyboard and mouse combination. On the whole, I was happy with it, but recently some of the little niggles that I had with the keyboard had started to get on nerves. Chief among these were the damn Logitech key (which takes you to the Logitech website and which, placed on the right hand side with the keypad is too easy to press; there is no way to disable it - I removed the key top, but it was an untidy solution), the slow response on the media keys, the annoying inability to conveniently swap the Apple/Option keys around (you had to choose a separate keyboard layout, but this would often be forgotten by the OS; not directly Logitech's fault, but the MS solution is much more effective); the provision of only four customizable application keys.